SD2 Uber Eats Integration Guide


SD2 and Ubers Eats Integration is called as StoreDynamicsEats app under Uber Eats. This integration provides the functions to help handle Uber Eats order more efficiently. It’s NOT a replacement for Uber Eats Order on your tablet. For some functions which are not in the integration, you can still use your tablet.

Integration functions:

  1. Initialize, enable/disable Uber Eats integration.
  2. Check Store and Integration status.
  3. Menu Management. SD2 can upload SD2 menu designed for Uber Eats to Uber Eats website for customer to order from. You can also backup and restore Uber Eats menu.
  4. Accept Uber Eats order and inject it directly into SD2 as an open order.
  5. Notify user when order is cancelled by Uber Eats
  6. Void Uber Eats order. When an order is voided in SD2, if this is an Uber Eats order, SD2 will send request to Uber Eats to cancel that order.

2.Integration Preparation


To make the integration go smoothly, please finish the following preparation first.

1.      Design Uber Eats Menu in SD2. To understand how SD2 menu will appear on Uber Eats, please follow the guideline here.


Here is how SD2 menu is mapped to Uber Eats

SD2                       ->                                                  Uber Eats

Menu                                                                          Menu

Menu Schedule                                                          Menu Availability

Menu Header                                                             Menu Category

Menu Item                                                                  Menu Item

Modifier                                                                      Modifier

Modifier Menu + Modifier Group                                Modifier Group


  • Menu Item can only be Regular Item or Combo Item.

To use picture, you need to set the picture on the menu screen and follow the picture requirement set by Uber Eats

Image requirements:

File size < 25MB

JPG, WEBP or PNG format

320px ≤ Width ≤ 6000px

320px ≤ Height ≤ 6000px


  • You have to set Menu Schedule correctly so that it will appear on Uber Eats.
  • For modifier, when you use Max and Free Qty, please set proper number instead of just a big number so that it will looks good on Uber Eats. When you use Free Qty (charge above in Uber Eats term), you need to make sure all modifiers in this modifier group have the same price, which is required by Uber Eats.

       2. Create a dedicate Revenue Center and Employee for order injection.

       3. Decide which terminal will be the Uber Eats terminal.

       4. Create a tender type which will be used to close Uber Eats orders

       5. Create a Modifier called “Special Instruction” (use the name exactly) which will used as item level special instruction from the customer and turn on Manual Description.


3.Enable Integration


  1. Main Menu-> Manager->Integration->Uber Eats.
  2. Enter all the settings except Uber Eats Store ID which will be filled later. Select the menus that you designed for Uber Eats. Before you finish it, please don’t use any function on the right part of the screen.
  3. Save all settings.

  1. Initialize integration: this will open your default web browser for customer to log into their Uber Eats account to authorize this integration. Follow the instruction on screen to finish the authorization. After this is finished, the Uber Eats Store ID will be filled automatically.
  2. Check Store Status. Make sure the status screen shows the correct store and address. At this point the “POS Integration” line on the status screen should still show “False”. The integration now has the ability to manage menu but is not ready to accept order yet.

  1. Upload Menu. Before you Upload Menu, you can backup the current Uber Eats menu first in case you need to restore it.
  2. Enable Integration.
  3. Please check the Store Status again. The POS Integration line should be “True”, and the Status line will reflect your current store status.

  1. Restart your SD2 local service on the terminal which you selected as Uber Eats Terminal
  2. Now SD2 will automatically accept Uber Eats order and inject it into SD2.