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Navigation Pane

Experience enhanced navigation and personalization with our customizable home screen shortcut buttons. User can set their home screen shortcuts and personalize their dashboard with favorite functions based on their user login.

For example, inventory users can set up their home screen to see inventory-related modules while bookkeepers can focus on accessing reports. Users can now freely choose their preferred colors for the buttons and rearrange them for intuitive navigation that seamlessly aligns with their workflow.


Navigation Pane New Features 


How to Edit the Home Screen Shortcut Buttons

To enable customization of the home page's appearance, click ‘Edit Home Screen’ to make the editing tool appear.


Editing Tool Actions

Clicking on the single down arrow will exit the editing mode, save your changes, and collapse the editing tool.


How to Add a Button To The Home Screen

When in editing mode, clicking on the module in the side menu will add it to the home screen tab.

Note: Modifying the home screen layout will impact only the current user’s login. Each user will need to configure their layout.