Add modifiers

If an item has modifiers such as flavors and add-ons, the modifier menu should be selected here. To set up a new modifier, go to back office -> items -> Modifiers and click the modifiers button in the middle.

In the following modifier screen, click the ‘new’ button in the middle to set up a new modifier group.

Select the department of this modifier group and name it, and then save.

Click new button on the right to add a new modifier. A new modifier must belong to a modifier group. It can have its own price, ingredient and inventory.

Next we need to create a modifier menu to include the modifier group we just created. Click modifier menu in the top picture and click new in the next screen.

Click the ‘+’ sign to add a new modifier group.

Here if a modifier group is a must select, we can set the min value to be 1. Click ok to save.

The font and color of the modifier buttons can be edited use the ‘T’ button and the color buttons. Multiple modifier groups can be added under a modifier menu. Click save and now this modifier menu can be attached to the item. When the item is ordered, the modifier menu will pop up. 

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