Accumulative release highlight

  1. Mini head office. A store can be configured to be a mini head office to run reports of a specific group of branch stores. This can be used by the management of a group of franchise stores.
  2. Shopify item import. A new store with existing Shopify store can download item list and import it into SD2. 
  3. UBC card integration.
  4. Gift card sell and balance inquiry on a Kiosk.
  5. HO Inventory Transfer Report.
  6. Allow multiple customer display images to be uploaded in one shot.
  7. Refindement of auto-ordering feature.
  8. Kitchen Display. Add arrow on screen to adjust grid size.
  9. Ability to import into storeprice table.
  10. Switch between Login Screen and Kiosk using an on-screen button without a keyboard.

Tag: Release note