Use price levels

1. Price level

Price levels can give different customers different prices. For example, the customer, No. 1 Restaurant can buy kidney beans at a $3.00 instead of the regular price $5.29. To set up this wholesale price, go to back office -> settings -> price level.

Click new to add a new price level.

Type in the name (for example, wholesale) and save it.

Next, go to an item editing screen and click the ‘+’ button on the price level.

In the drop down list of price level, select wholesale, type in the price 3.00 and click save.

Now we need to set up the customer to use this price level. Go to Back office -> accounts

Click customer

In the customers editing screen, search the customer’s name/account/phone number or click new to add one

In the customer setting, select ‘Wholesale’ as the price level and click save